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          Water Treatment Medicament
          Water Purification Filter Material
          Activated Carbon
          Tower packing
          Dufu Road Gongyi City Henan Province
          Linkman:Manager Yang
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          Gongyi City YiYang Water Treatment Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in water treatment materials's production and marketing.Our company possesses the abundant,technical force , sophisticated equipment and advanced technology. The products can be widely used in different kinds of filters, ion exchanger, no valve filters, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination, urban water supply, drainage, and steel, chemical, oil field, mine, paper making, pharmacy, wine, beverage, water, eliminatethe manganese, swimming pool, industrial waste, etc..Our company is the ideal partner of large-scale enterprises .
          Efficient sewage treatment reagent PAC introduction and analysis of its new productperformance
          The application technique introduction of YiYang Brand- PAC in purifying water processing
          Introduction of activated alumina ball
          The development and application process flow of PAC and the research and development progress ……
          Learn more water purification materials information, please continue to pay attention to the water ……
          Refined quartz sand filter material is a natural quartz ore, after crushing, screening and washing……
          Water - the source of life



          PAC or BAC

          Quartz sand ……

          Anthracite ……

          Coconut shell……

          Coal-based column

          Power activated carbon

          Liquid-Surface ……

          Suspension sphe……

          Hexagonal honeycomb
          Water Treatment Medicament |Water Purification Filter Material |Activated Carbon| Tower packing
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